The Chief Happiness Officer

Sorry folks, I have been away for a long time. Different things were happening in my life. Many positives and few negatives. I have been designated as Chief Happiness Officer. Unfortunately, I was suffering horribly due to acute gastritis for a couple of months.

It was almost like I won’t be able to see the next morning of my life but thanks to Sneha, Kapil, Saddam and my doctors, I am healthy as dog-horse now!

The CHO @ PugMarker

After the bad phase, there was new responsibility on me.  I have been appointed as CHO at PugMarker. This is the best post anyone can get in their working lifetime. Thanks, Mr Santosh Dawara for coining this term for me.

Even though it looks amazing working post, I have much more responsibilities. My day starts with getting up early in the morning, doing my nature’s call, having breakfast (almost like a lunch quantity :P), then heading to the office so I can start my duty.

My Team

In my happiness team, I have an entire team of PugMarker. I have the biggest responsibilities like keeping everybody stress free. Making them smile by doing some stupid things. Whenever there is a low moment in the team, I gear up myself to throw that out.

My Responsibilities

To keep humans stress free I do a lot of difficult activities like:

  1. Licking their faces
  2. Chewing their sandals/shoes etc so they will run behind me
  3. Staring at them so they start judging what I want & ignore their worries. 
  4. Staring their food (I <3 my job)
  5. Chewing their chairs as well

Sometimes even Srushti helps me to keep my to-do list.

I take care of guests coming to PugMarker’s office 😀 
I make sure we live our tagline ‘We design happiness’ after all, I am the CHO 😉 


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